COVE Sydney Australian Natural Baby Kids Skin Care


Sydney Australia is home to COVE. With many unique types of plants and wildlife on COVE's doorstep, it is our aim to incorporate these wonderful Australian elements in the formulations of our products and as a source of inspiration for our packaging and accessories.

Our mission is to create a brand that is identifiable with Australia - from the high quality ingredients and safe manufacturing processes to our uniquely Australian selection of accessories and packaging.

We offer products that are guaranteed safe for everyone and ideal as gifts for your loved ones.

certificates & accreditations

To ensure safety and compliance every COVE product is registered and passed Quality Assurance testing to confirm quality and safety, traceability and standard of each product.

The facility where COVE products are manufactured is licensed to the stringent Australian Certified Organic (ACO) standards which is recognised internationally. With fully integrated information system and technology, COVE ensures that raw materials are fully traceable, down to the packaging components and finished products. 

COVE Sydney baby skin care range is Australian Allergy Certified™, Australian Certified Toxic Free®, Australian Certified Non-Toxic™100% Made Safe ®, Not Tested on Animals and is featured on Organic Beauty Brands and Safe Cosmetics Australia.

Sustainable manufacturing

COVE strives for sustainable manufacturing in every aspect of our manufacturing.

We choose to use plant based, natural ingredients in Baby Care Collection that are gentle yet effective and made with as little harm as possible to the environment.

All of our product packaging are safe and recyclable while our collection sets and novelty items are reusable to minimise waste to the environment.

COVE does not conduct animal testing on any of our products.  


COVE is happy and proud to partner with Australian shops to stock our products. Growing and supporting local shops is a valuable part of our identity.

Please use the following inquiry form under CONTACT US for queries or more information on stockists.